Scott O’Neill & Sophie Dugan’s Blueprint To Successful Commercial Property Management


Why do you need a specialist and proactive commercial property manager on your team? 

Join Sophie Dugan from Dugan & Co Property and Scott O’Neill from Rethink Commercial Education as they unravel the intricacies of property management!


It is an important investment decision to partner with the right management firm for your commercial property. They need to have experience in the management and coordination of complex property matters involving multiple stakeholders and with the right expertise on your side they can help to increase the return on your investment, optimise the performance of your asset, avoid risk and add a significant amount of value to your property.

  For example, they want to have a proven track record delivering tangible savings through services that improve productivity, sustainably and flexibility to our stakeholders and valued clients. Asset Management Plan, which looks at the long-term horizon and strategy on your existing commercial property, and how to maximise the return on investment (ROI); which involves optimising property usage, minimising operational costs, and identifying areas for revenue growth, lease terms and renegotiation opportunities. This plan allows for informed decision making, and strategically identify lucrative investment opportunities. This goes beyond the day-to-day areas of property management on your commercial property.   An asset manager not only focus on immediate gains, but also considers your long-term goals and strategies and opportunities to align and deliver this along with sustainability and growth prospects.  

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