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Personal Story

Leveraging Paul’s 20+ year career by applying market insight to connect with key audience.


Dugan & Co Property Australia Story

  • Let’s start with where it all began, Paul Dugan, Director and Founder of Dugan & Co Property has been in Commercial Real Estate for over 20 years, he is a million-dollar agent and one of the best operators in the business.
  • Paul worked and had ownership in some of the larger agencies and saw the opportunity to offer more personalised and sophisticated service that focused on delivering incredible customer results, that was getting lost in larger companies.
  • 4 years ago, Paul turned this opportunity into the business we are today.
  • Paul has built the foundations of our business are energy, passion and results.
  • This underlying culture and commitment in everything that we do, our personalised client service and prestigious focus on results is setting us apart from the competition.
  • In terms of feedback, in the space of four years Dugan & Co’s name is on par if not beating major international companies – we are doing this by working smarter, working harder and implementing exceptional marketing strategies.
  • As a business we are the game changers and dedicated innovators – always progressing, evolving and adapting our business in the ever changing environment.
  • We make sure we are ahead of the pack and implementing the latest and greatest marketing, tech and one thing that the residential models do a fantastic job of which is running the effective business unit model. Work as a team investment, and as a unit.
  • We collaborate and leverage from the best across all industries to make sure we are the best and most dynamic agency in Brisbane.
  • We would all agree 2020 has been a year of Change, Challenges and Opportunity.
  • In a market where other corporate agencies are closing down offices, we are using the opportunity to stand out from the competition, increase our market share and scale our team.
  • Opportunity is real and exciting; QLD eCommere increased 16.1% in 2019 YOY, and increased 81% in 2020 year on year.
  • This is our target market and clients that we are working with at Dugan & Co, this is the most exciting time to be in Commercial Real Estate.

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How we deliver you outstanding results

We have built strong relationships with owners, businesses, investors, tenants. They are working directly with the business owner and the team.
Quality Marketing
Quality Marketing
Our marketing is of the highest standard which adds value to the properties we market.
We roll up our sleeves & do the hard work that other agents don’t do, we systematically canvass all surrounding business, starting from the property and street walk surrounding companies & then telephone canvassing the area, this combined with super high-quality marketing mean’s no stone is left unturned.