Meet Our Expert Jascha Johnston


How long have you been in the real estate sector and how did you end up with Dugan & Co Property?

I have been in the commercial real estate industry formally for 6 years. I grew up working on investment properties with my dad from a young age and bought into the property market at 22, so when the opportunity presented to get into the Commercial sector and to work with businesses I knew I had to take it.

How do you provide value for clients with your expertise?

Having personal investment experience makes a large difference to the quality of service an agent can provide. Understanding risk mitigation, interest rates, yields, varying financial benefits of legal structures and property strategies makes a large difference in the ability to represent somebody’s interests and also to give professional advice on arrangements that are most suited to their purposes. The team I work with and manage has a very high volume transaction rate and in doing this you become sharpened with the experience of dealing with nuances, difficult negotiations and set backs than can occur in property.

What do you enjoy about your current role?

The best feeling is when you go through the full journey of selling/leasing a property and get to observe those you work with go through the mix of emotions of cautiousness, uncertainty and ultimately some level of discomfort to happy, content, excited and relaxed. It is rewarding being able to provide structure and process to those looking to use commercial/industrial property as a vehicle of financial freedom, and to assist in the critical areas of approach that allow them to do so.

What skills do you bring to this role to accelerate the success of clients?

Professional process and procedure coupled with the ability to work with people is a lethal combination for getting optimal results. Having had years to build key relationships (especially the team I work with!) and improve operating systems is a very hard combination to find. The team I lead is exceptional at understanding what they are accountable for and orchestrating a team this way makes all the difference to the success of the clients we work for.

Tips on investing in commercial real estate?

Simplicity is brilliant in investing. For new investors especially, trusted relationships and a plan will skyrocket your capacity to grow. For experienced investors, maintaining vision of the personal purpose for investing is critical. Commercial property is an extraordinary financial vehicle but as is always the case with money, it is only as good as what you can do with it.

Brisbane is set for exceptional growth for many years to come with fortuitous opportunity. The best is yet to come and the courage to act will be the key determinants of those that have benefitted in the future.


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