Brisbane set for decades of growth


Brisbane is set for a decade of investment that will catapult the city and Queensland onto the world stage. Already there is a surge in interstate migration with individuals and businesses seeing the relative value of Brisbane property, both commercial and residential, compared to the southern states. The growth potential of early investment into commercial property is exponential.

Currently we are in the best conditions for the highest growth experienced in Queensland commercial real estate over the last decade. The Queensland Tourism Industry Council has said “We are not building something for a three-week sports party, but building a new city.” The Queensland Government expects major sporting events will generate over $20 billion in international visitor expenditure from now until 2036, along with increased export opportunities of up to $8.6 billion dollars.

Key Infrastructure Projects in South-east Queensland: 

  • Brisbane Airports New Runway: a $1.1 billion dollar project establishing Brisbane as the new Gateway to Asia.
  • Inland Rail: a $14.5 billion dollar project completing the national freight network connecting Melbourne and Brisbane via regional Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland.
  • Cross River Rail: the largest transport project ever built in Queensland.
  • Brisbane Metro: a high frequency bus transit project with upgrades to the M1.

Over the next 4 years Government Infrastructure spending will equal $51.8 billion dollars and provide continued confidence to invest in Queensland. This type of multi-billion-dollar infrastructure pipeline will transform the face of Brisbane and Queensland forever. It will drive expansion, directly correlates to strong growth in the commercial property market and increase land values.

With today’s supply and demand for commercial property in South-east Queensland we expect capital growth and investor returns will be strong over the decade and well beyond.

There is no greater place than to be at the start of something. As an Industrial & Commercial Real Estate Agent working for over 20 years throughout South East Queensland, I am astounded by the investment opportunities Brisbane has in its future.

In 2016 I created Dugan & Co Property Australia as a direct result of the potential we saw way back then. We understood the need for a nimble, South East Queensland focused commercial real estate Agency which could quickly respond to dynamic shifts in the markets. Though no one could predict the volatility of the last couple of years, we as a team, have adapted to the changing technologies and taken inspiration from the city of Brisbane itself. No other city has proactively committed to large scale Infrastructure projects or focused its vision on the future more.

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